We do not know such terms as “big“ or “small“ client.

Basis of our business – high-level client service.


We are focused on close cooperation with the world famous brands and offer partnership for new producers. For the distribution of the product at the Estonian market  KOLOSS Electric has:

  • client base;
  • noteworthy marketing;
  • sales promotion system;
  • well-functioning logistics and warehouse.


The priority of KOLOSS Electric is the buy-in of products without intermediary directly from the producer (regional representation contract or formal partnership), by decreasing the expenses, improving the service level, enhancing control and increasing speed.
This enables to improve the client service quality during sales as well as after it.


KOLOSS Electric is oriented on the complex delivery of products (project sale). Such approach enables the clients to get the project-based discount offer, considering the volume of goods and balance of prices. We assess our possibilities in reality and offer the product we feel most sure about (conformity of price and service).


The quality of products offered and the level of client’s satisfaction with the purchase are integral parts of the transaction. We produce not goods, but sales services, being the intermediaries between the producer and the client. We have considerate attitude towards the fulfilment of seller’s function and thus the quality of the product offered is one of the main criteria in choosing a new supplier.


The basis of successful development of KOLOSS Electric is proper service:

  • competitive prices;
  • choice of products;
  • quality of products;
  • after-sales service.


We succeed to get the best buy-in prices for goods and logistic services. By optimizing the expenses we can make more favourable price offers for our clients. The bigger volume of purchases – smaller payment. Win of client – win of KOLOSS. This is our common win.